Briarwood Avenue

Briarwood Avenue is the main road along the western edge of the new Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. It will eventually be the major access to the Park, as well as the Athletic Complex. But, Briarwood Avenue did not always run along the edge of Bertram Lake. according to county plat maps, in 1879, the original road came south from County Road 39 but turned at 100th Street and continued west, over the hill and through the woods along the south side of Birch Lake.

Also, in earlier times (1850’s & 1860’s) at the corner of 100th and Briarwood, a wagon trail went south around the west side of Bertram Lake and behind the later built Keibel farm. It continued around the south sides of both Bertram and Long Lakes, and into Monticello. 90th Street would later be built over the Monticello part until it connected with Cahill Avenue. The part of Briarwood from 100th would later be connected around Bertram to 90th Street.

On a side note, when the road continued west along the south side of Birch Lake, it went through property owned by none other than Julia Bertram, George Bertram’s wife.


1879 Plat Map of Monticello Township


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